Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bookish Things That Irk Me (1)

There are little things littered about the bookish world that sometimes get under my skin, so I thought once in a while I would post about one (maybe that'll help.). So the first one is this:

I don't like it when people rate books before they have read them on Goodreads. 

The whole point of rating a book is to give other people a sense of what you thought of it, even if you aren't the kind of person who likes to write reviews for whatever it is you like to read. But if you rate it before it's read, it's a false opinion. To me, it's like lying. I understand that people get super excited for sequels to their favorite series that are coming out; believe me, I get so excited sometimes I practically vibrate.

Besides, what if the book comes out and you decide that you hate it? It would look really weird if for the longest time you had rated a book five stars and suddenly it dropped down to one or two. This habit is almost as annoying as the option to give reviews a 'thumbs down' or whatever on Amazon and other sites. Honest reviews of books are voted down by rabid fans, and it's just frustrating.

When I look at a rating or a review of a book, I want to see all different kinds of opinions. Because those things will help me decide if I want to buy it, or if I even want to read it. Honesty is important, and not everyone is going to love, love, love a certain book as much as others.

Aaaaaaand, that concludes my first mini rant. :)


  1. Totally annoying. Many books have 5 stars before they come out. I don't mind if arc readers rate them before the book comes out, but people who haven't read the book don't know anything.

    1. Exactly! Arcs are different, those people have actually read the book.

  2. I am right there with you! I get so annoyed when I'm looking at Goodreads and see books rated that aren't even out (if they have a review and it's obvious they have read an ARC, I'm less annoyed) with ratings. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds this irksome. How can you rate a book without having read it? I mean, I love some authors immensely and look forward to their books, but I won't rate the book based on that.


  3. Thank you! I feel that exact same way.

  4. I fully agree. People who love the author or series should not give it 5 stars and simply say "I can't wait to read this." You can leave the comment but don't rate it. I have gotten a hold of books I thought I would love and was sadly disappointed, so giving a false impression is not fair to other readers.
    Also the low ratings just because you hate an author for some reason or the book didn't sound appealing. At least give the book an honest chance before rating it. Read at least the first 5 chapters or 50 pages is my rule before developing an opinion.

    New Follower, by the way :)