Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bookish Facts About Me

I think everyone who loves to read is a little quirky with their books, don't you agree?

1) I love the smell of new books. Seriously, there's just something clean and fresh about the smell. I've seen other people do this, too, so I know it's not too weird. However, it's still best to do it somewhat inconspicuously in the bookstore, because um, some people might disagree.

And no one will know...

2) I hate it when books are organized alphabetically. If you came to my house and looked at my bookshelf, you'd see that I have a thing with height. Paperbacks have to be by paperbacks and hardbacks by hardbacks. When you go alphabetically, you end up with little books next to huge ones and the whole thing, when you're done, looks messy to me.

My eye is twitching just looking at this...

3) I hate mass market paperbacks. Sure, it's convenient that they're so tiny you can carry them anywhere. But frankly, just holding them open and reading the small print is something of a chore. If at all possible, I always avoid MMP.

Really, they might as well be this small. 

4) I almost never pre-order books because I have to wait one or two extra days. I generally order from Barnes and Noble or Amazon if I do pre-order, but the book usually arrives a little later than the release date unless I pay a monstrous amount of money to have it delivered on the day of. And because I have to have all the books now, I call the store ahead to have them hold a copy and pay like five bucks more.

All mine <3

5) I used to hate reading. I distinctly remember telling my grandmother that I hated reading and always would when I was in second or third grade, maybe. That may have changed by now. ;)

*sighs happily*

Bonus Fact: The limit at the library is 100 - once I had 55. Yep. Fifty five books from the library. You should have seen the stack - it was scary. I realized I was going a little overboard then. Now I only have 13.


  1. I get the library number thing. I work in a library and I cart way too many home. I've tried to keep my book check-outs to 15 max since I can read five books a week usually. I listen to a lot of music though so that drives my number off.

    I'm also a height person when it comes to books. Series go together though regardless of size on my shelf.

  2. Yeah, I don't know what got into me. You know how when you get an enormous stack of books you manage to convince yourself that you can read them all in a short amount of time? *sigh*

    Yay, bookshelf twin! ;)

  3. Our library caps us at 50 items. I remember one of my favorite staff members let me have over the limit and I felt like I had won the lottery! ;-) But between my books, DVDs and kids books for the boys, they add up fast! I'm going to have to do a post like this and link back to you as having the original idea...I love it!

  4. Lol, thanks! 50 things instead of 100, huh? I would have been over the limit at your library then, lol.

  5. I love the smell of new (and old) books! And I organize my books by height too. BUT I always loved reading :)
    The limit at my library is 8 freakin EIGHT!!! books. What's going on with that???