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Review: Time Between us by Tamara Ireland Stone

Time Between Us (Time Between Us, #1)

Goodreads Summary: Anna and Bennett were never supposed to meet: she lives in 1995 Chicago and he lives in 2012 San Francisco. But Bennett has the unique ability to travel through time and space, which brings him into Anna’s life, and with him a new world of adventure and possibility.
As their relationship deepens, the two face the reality that time may knock Bennett back to where he belongs, even as a devastating crisis throws everything they believe into question. Against a ticking clock, Anna and Bennett are forced to ask themselves how far they can push the bounds of fate, what consequences they can bear in order to stay together, and whether their love can stand the test of time.
Fresh, exciting, and deeply romantic, Time Between Us is a stunning, spellbinding debut from an extraordinary new voice in YA fiction.

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Genre: Young Adult
Pages: 368
Publisher: Hyperion

First line: "Even from this distance I can see how young he looks."

Favorite Quote: "I, for one, am ready for a lot more adventure and a lot less nothing."


I went into Time Between Us with fairly low expectations, not because I didn't think it would be good, but because it looked like a sweet love story that might be nice to pass the nice to pass the time with, but wouldn't really blow my mind. I pretty much got what I expected, with a touch of bittersweet thrown in for good measure.

Anna was an iffy protagonist for me. I liked her at times, and others I didn't. I also didn't much care for her best friend, Emma, though I think I was supposed to. She was just your typical YA best friend, there to support the main character throughout her life troubles. Bennett was probably the best character int he book; he was really sweet but not to the point of being overly perfect. The writing in the book is good, no complains there.

There were a few things towards the end of the book I didn't understand; if you want to see what the major one was, it's in a spoiler tag on my review posted on Goodreads. Maybe I just missed something, I'm not sure. I suppose the story kept my interest well enough throughout, I never thought of not finishing it, even with the plot being somewhat predictable. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that this book fits in well with my three star description. I enjoyed it, and I don't regret reading it, but it was just kind of on the 'meh' side, and I will probably have a hard time remembering it in a few weeks. I'd recommend it if you're looking for a sweet, cute love story. I will, however, read the sequel. Eventually. 

3 stars.

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