Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bad Bookish Habits

  • I almost always flip to the back of the book I'm reading and scan the last page. I also look through the ending in general. I hate that I do this, but for some reason I can't help myself. I should really stop, because sometimes it can really ruin a story (especially if I'm reading a murder mystery or something). 
  • I sometimes forget to mark spoilers in my reviews. Yes, I know that's completely awful, and I try not to do it as much as I used to, but it still happens. 
  • I don't give as much attention as I should to books without a lot of ratings/reviews on Goodreads. I want to know other people's opinions 99% of the time before I pick something up, because most of the time the general population is correct. 
  • If for some reason I'm in a bad mood, books don't entertain me as much as they normally would and therefore get a lower rating. 
  • Sometimes I really struggle with how to rate a novel, because even though I enjoyed it I know there are these about it that should bother me (i.e. Beautiful Disaster).
  • Every time I set aside a book that I fully intend on going back to, it almost always never happens. 
  • I enjoy reading negative reviews - the well-thought out, snarky sarcastic ones that offend some people (not the ones that are just mean). 
  • I am lazy when it comes to re-reading. I'd rather be a little confused while reading a sequel than go back to the first one and catch up. 
  • Sometimes I will intentionally avoid a book if it is blurbed by an author whose work I did not like. 
  • I generally only use GIFs when I have very little to actually say about a story and just want to fill up space. 


  1. Interesting! A lot of these are things that don't really happen with me. I never use GIFs, I don't really pay attention to author blurbs either way, I always attempt to reread a book before moving on to its sequel (unless it's on Recaptains), and I'll read books without checking Goodreads. The only one I really agree with for me is that whole emotions affecting reading thing. Sometimes life is just too much and it can affect the way a person reads a book. It's hard then because how do you rate that? I always just try to be honest and admit my mood sucked, just so people know. Not every book can be read in a happy mood ><

  2. Ohmigosh. I totally do like all of these xD Especially reading the ending....

  3. 1. I used to do this all the time too and hated myself for it. I wish I knew how I got over it haha.
    2. I have gotten used to not including spoilers, although I do let some slip on purpose *evil laughter*
    3. Yeah I don't read books that have less than a 3.5 average.
    4. YEP. I just don't feel like reading.
    5. Rating things are tough, especially with only 5 stars.
    7. I also enjoy these types of reviews, they are very similar to my sense of humor!

    Alise @ Readers in Wonderland